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Unlike any other college in Australia. the Institute of Film and TV allows students to experience an internship in Los Angeles LA, the centre of the American film activity and to be able to gain valuable experience first-hand in Hollywood. This way they will obtain the skills needed to go ahead and stand out from the competition in the film industry.

The Institute of Film and TV offers a unique Diploma of Screen and Media, which includes outstanding training in the film and TV industry, the opportunity to experience the real movie world through an interesting and productive Internship in Hollywood, LA and a recognized qualification.>

Our college is the only Australian Government registered education institution offering the possibility of an Internship in Hollywood LA and assisting in the placement of internships in the film industry. Students will be offered to take an internship with either premier film/TV companies or film schools in LA while studying in Hollywood.

The students are able to gain valuable experience first-hand in Hollywood LA and obtain the skills needed to stand out amongst the competition. The Institute of Film and TV programme grants students with a guaranteed internship placement in premier film companies or film schools in LA.

At our film academy, Internships are offered with various production companies in Hollywood LA through partner organisations and agencies and they provide an excellent way to learn about the inner workings of the film industry.

As an intern, the student performs the duties of an apprentice in a work environment.  Employers in the real world value industry experience.  An internship programme also allows an employer to identify potential job candidates for any upcoming positions. Universities and film schools in LA also provide further studies and development.
The benefits of being an Intern are infinite:

  • Gain valuable hands-on experience in film production, film editing and acting on the sets of Sunset Boulevard, Hollywood, LA.
  • Network with industry professionals and other artists that are as passionate about the film industry as you are.
  • Build mentoring relationships with Hollywood to last a lifetime
  • Provide immediate access to the American entertainment industry.
  • Add value to your resume being a job candidate with proven in-house experience
  • Obtain USA Sponsorship for the 12-month working holiday visa programme.
  • Acquire a prestigious qualification and career advantage

The Diploma of Screen and Media at the Institute of film and Television unlike any other film academy in Australia is built on developing artistic and technical skills through practical experience using industry standard equipment and state of the art techniques. And most of all, it really takes the student to the centre of the motion picture world in Hollywood, LA.


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Internships in Hollywood

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