A School of film in the Gold Coast, heart of the film production in Australia

School of film in Australia

The Institute of Film and TV has a Campus in the Gold Coast City, the major film production centre in Queensland, Australia. With annual investments of around $150 million dollars in film production, the Gold Coast is the third largest film production centre in Australia.  The Institute of Film and TV and its school of film is present to help grow the local film industry and provide high quality education.

Why come to study at the Institute of Film and TV at the Gold Coast? The reason is clear:  with state-of-the-art facilities attracting more and more industry-recognised companies and teachers every year, many film companies using the Gold Coast as a filming location and a vibrant and intense film activity, the Gold Coast is the perfect scenario for a student looking for a school of film to pursue a career in the film industry.

This city is a major destination for media houses and for students eager to make their mark in the film and television industry. Prestigious studios like Warner Brothers have their studios located just on the outskirts of the city.

It is worth mentioning that Hollywood movies such as Scooby Doo and House of Wax have been produced on the Gold Coast. Due to the presence of big media houses, the demand for a high quality school of film on the Gold Coast always remains high. The Institute of Film and TV is proud to receive both domestic and overseas students demonstrating that this is a lucrative destination where they can fulfil their dreams.

The Institute of Film and TV established in 1999 provides film and television courses on the Gold Coast and is one of the few educational institutions, which is sufficiently experienced at providing quality training for the students to face the media world.

When choosing a school of film, consider the Institute of Film and TV, which unlike any other college in Australia offers a unique training programme that allows participants to be studying in two continents and to experience an Internship in Hollywood, USA.

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